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    Home > About Us > History


    To provide environmental protection bonding solutions for the better life of humans.
    To be a trusted and respected adhesive leader
    Ding Li officially passed CNAS National Accreditation Laboratory (Registration No. : CNAS-L14065)
    Preparation of Shandong New Material Technology Co., Ltd

    To build an international advanced intelligent manufacturing plant

    Establishing Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute

    It has been identified as the patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province
    Taizhou top adhesive Co., Ltd. officially upgraded, renamed the top new Mstar Technology Ltd
    And the establishment of Sichuan Ding Ding Adhesive Industry Co., ltd..
    Zhejiang Ding Li adhesive Co., Ltd. changed its name to Taizhou Ding Li adhesive Co., Ltd.
    And landed in Zhejiang sea, the new listing of carpentry glue, paper products, plastic series, hot melt adhesive products, the market extends to Southeast Asia, Asia and other regions.
    Chengdu Dingli adhesive Co., Ltd. was founded and set up factories
    Research and development and sales of new printing and packaging adhesive, the potential officially formed a situation of tripartite confrontation, forming a nationwide sales network.

    Henan Dingli adhesive Co., Ltd. was founded and set up factories
    Research and sales of special water-based adhesives to absorb the entire North China market.
    Zhejiang Dingli adhesive Co., Ltd. was founded and set up factories
    Mainly with industrial woodworking adhesives, radiation market in East china.
    Establish an old factory
    To civil construction adhesives mainly to open up the Zhejiang market.